Snowflake and AWS PrivateLink Now Supported

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July 18, 2018
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Snowflake and AWS PrivateLink Now Supported

Lots of customers hesitate to adopt SaaS solutions due to concerns over the safety of their network connection traversing the internet. It can also be rather difficult to manage the firewall rules, NAT Gateway or VPN connections to secure it. Snowflake, the first cloud based data warehouse as a service, already provides the highest levels of security for customer's data from the outset, with end-to-end encryption implemented as standard, but now that security is even greater with the recent announcement of their support of AWS PrivateLink. PrivateLink provides a solution that lets customers’ applications, whether in a VPC or in their own data center, connect to SaaS solutions in a highly scalable and highly available manner, while keeping all the network traffic within the AWS network and safe.

Security should always be a top concern for companies when making a move to the cloud, but when it comes to industries such as financial services and healthcare, the compulsory adherence to a myriad of regulatory requirements is quite substantial! That said, many of the companies in these industries continue to operate aging on-premises solutions that have long since outlived their capacity to address the ever-increasing host of security threats predominating today. Their security can only benefit from the superior measures available now via the cloud, while hackers continue to add on-premises implementations to their list of victims moving forward.

AWS PrivateLink allows Snowflake customers the ability to control how traffic reaches the application endpoint of their Snowflake account, as said endpoint resides on the customer's VPC. PrivateLink also eliminates the need to have proxies configured in between Snowflake and the customer's own network as a solution for outbound control. "We're pleased that Snowflake offers support for AWS PrivateLink," AWS Director of Software Development, David Brown said. "With AWS PrivateLink, Snowflake customers' traffic remains in AWS's secure network, thus significantly reducing exposure to common security threats. Snowflake builds on this capability by allowing companies to securely transmit data between a customer's virtual private network and Snowflake's data warehouse without accessing the Internet, making inter-network connectivity secure and easier to manage."

Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said: "AWS PrivateLink is another leading security measure that further protects enterprise data in the cloud. Security has always been a central pillar of Snowflake's architecture, implementation and operations. AWS PrivateLink will further strengthen our security offering in both single and multi-tenant situations and is the perfect complement to Snowflake's data warehouse built for the cloud."

In addition to offering the highest industry-leading standards for end-to-end encryption, as mentioned above, for each of their five editions of its cloud-built data warehouse - Standard, Premier, Enterprise, Enterprise for Sensitive Data (ESD), & Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS), AWS PrivateLink will enhance the following security benefits that ESD already offers:

Security validations – SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS compliance and support for HIPAA compliance validate the level of security of Snowflake's cloud data warehouse.
Comprehensive protection – Features such as multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, IP address whitelisting, federated authentication and annual rekeying of encrypted data are all part of ESD.
Tri-Secret Secure – A new feature that ensures customer control and data protection by combining a customer-provided encryption key with a Snowflake-provided encryption key and user credentials.
Encryption everywhere – Snowflake automatically encrypts data at rest and in-transit.

The most advanced edition of Snowflake, VPS, has all of the security features of ESD, plus a private deployment of Snowflake on a separate Amazon VPC. With AWS PrivateLink, Snowflake ESD and VPS customers enable enterprises to analyze and derive insight from their data in an incredibly secure environment.

For more information about AWS PrivateLink for Snowflake, click here.