Bringhub: Contextual Ads with Snowflake

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July 25, 2018
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August 7, 2018

Bringhub: Contextual Ads with Snowflake

Here's an incredible example of how inexpensive, easy, and fast, people are finding their transitions into Snowflake to actually be: Bringhub, a contextual ad platform, was dealing with expensive log shipping and MySQL, and on the verge of bringing a data warehousing expert onto their payroll just so they could perform the kind of no-holds-barred pivots, and 360 degree data analysis they so very much required. Not only did Snowflake take the expensive on-prem and management costs off their plate, they found themselves no longer having to pay for compute resources when they weren't required either (aka "data at rest", which is all the time with solutions that don't separate data from compute), AND they made their conversion into Snowflake in only 30 minutes!

Have a gander at how these problems Bringhub were facing, along with several others, were so marvelously swept aside from the moment they even had their first call to learn more about what Snowflake could do for them...

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